Kathy Wright and Christine Dulla
Teen Court Coordinator
Kathy Wright and Teen Court Moderator Assistant State’s Attorney Christine Dulla
The Queen Anne's County Teen Court Program is run by teens for teens. Students serve as prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, and jurors. They learn the duties of courtroom personnel, legal procedures, rules of evidence, and face the difficult task of determining appropriate sanctions for individuals who have admitted involvement in delinquent acts.

Created in 2003 by Mr. Kratovil, the Teen Court Program in Queen Anne's County has two goals: to educate young people about our system of justice, and to provide young first-time offenders who commit minor offenses with a second chance opportunity to learn from their mistakes without the imposition of a juvenile record.

Teen CourtHopefully the young citizens who participate in the program, both as volunteers and as offenders, will leave the program with a better understanding of our justice system and an increased recognition of the tragic consequences of engaging in unlawful conduct. The expectation is that all of the participants will go on to become happy and productive members of the community and leaders throughout our County and State.

For more information about the program, please contact the Teen Court Coordinator, Kathy Wright, at 410-758-1306, x304.


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