The State's Attorney's Office for Queen Anne's County prosecutes individuals charged with having committed criminal and serious motor vehicle offenses within the County. State's Attorney is a constitutional position created by Article V, Section 7 of the Maryland Constitution. Every Maryland county and Baltimore City has a State's Attorney elected by eligible voters of the jurisdiction to a four-year term, beginning the first Monday in January following the general election.

District Court House, Queen Anne's County


Address: 120 Broadway, Centreville, MD 21617; map.

District Court cases, which generally consist of misdemeanor offenses, are assigned to prosecutors based on the particular day the case is scheduled for trial. Citizens wishing to know which prosecutor is scheduled to handle a particular case may contact the office to find out who is assigned that particular court date.

Circuit Courthouse, Queen Anne's County

Address: 100 Court House Square, Centreville, MD 21617 (across Broadway from District Court).

Circuit Court cases, which generally consist of more serious felony offenses, are assigned to specific prosecutors by the State's Attorney.


Juvenile Court is held in the Circuit Court of Queen Anne's County and consists of cases of misdemeanor offenses by those under the age of 18. There are generally two Juvenile Court dates each month and a specific prosecutor is assigned for each date.


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