Maryland State SealSince taking office in 2003 State's Attorney Frank Kratovil has implemented a series of changes that have strengthened the partnership between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.


To ensure that prosecutors are available to answer questions and provide legal guidance to the various law enforcement agencies within Queen Anne's County, the attorneys rotate on-call days from a schedule provided by the State's Attorney. This means a prosecutor is available to officers in the county at any time for questions regarding charges, search warrants, etc.


The Office of State's Attorney has an agreement with the various law enforcement agencies within the County, formalized in a signed Memorandum of Understanding, which provides for the screening of felony and serious motor vehicle cases prior to the initiation of charges, and for the review of all search warrants prior to presentment to the Court. The intent of the Memorandum is to improve case outcomes by ensuring that such cases are properly prepared for prosecution prior to the initiation of charges, and to ensure that adequate probable cause exists.


Prosecutors in this office participate in the Sheriff's Department annual in-service training by providing training and guidance on search and seizure related issues.

Mr. Kratovil has participated in bi-county training for officers from both Queen Anne's and Caroline counties.


Local law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of the Sheriff's Department and Maryland State Police: